Senior/Principal Scientist

Senior/Principal Scientist

Eight19’s core business is the development, manufacture and sale of flexible organic solar modules.  It has also been investing in an early-stage research project to develop an exciting new technology that has arisen from breakthrough research at Cambridge University.  This technology has the potential to significantly increase the efficiency of conventional (silicon) solar panels and Eight19 has identified an opportunity to develop a large new business based on the technology.  Recently the project has achieved a major milestone and the company now wishes to expand the project team and accelerate progress.

You will report to the VP of Innovation and be part of an embedded Eight19 team at Cambridge University, working closely with University researchers and with a key focus on increasing system performance to achieve levels that will be needed for commercial application.  Subject to successful progress in meeting project milestones, we expect the leadership aspects of the role to grow as the technical team grows.


Key Responsibilities

As befits a small technology team at this stage of its development, the Senior/Principal Scientist position is strongly experimental and lab-based.  You will be working closely with the VP of Innovation and with University research leaders in planning and implementation. You will be responsible for:

  • developing detailed plans to achieve challenging technical milestones
  • day to day technical leadership of Eight19’s technical staff and coordination of team activities with those of closely collaborating researchers based at Cambridge University
  • supervision of staff in the lab including ensuring adherence of Eight19 team and collaborators to good health and safety and lab practices.
  • progressing the experimental programme, including experimental design, formulation of coating solutions incorporating organic and inorganic photoactive materials; fabrication of solution-processed thin-film coated layers and encapsulation of the films,
  • developing and conducting the testing programme to include an appropriate range of optical, physical, imaging and lifetime tests on the films and assuring the quality of data obtained
  • identifying and implementing opportunities to reduce cycle time in fabrication and testing
  • ensuring key know-how is properly captured and recorded
  • regular reporting of progress both in written and verbal form
  • training technical staff on the job


Role Requirements

With a doctorate in a relevant science or engineering subject, you will be able to demonstrate several years’ experience and expertise in the following areas:

  • leadership of research programmes involving new materials for optical or opto-electronic applications
  • supervision of technical staff
  • materials chemistry and general chemical laboratory techniques
  • preparation of coating solutions comprising multiple materials including small molecule organics, inorganic nanocrystals, polymers
  • fabrication of coated films using laboratory scale coating techniques
  • use of a range of optical, physical and stability characterisation techniques for thin films including optical and electron microscopy
  • planning, design and management of experiments
  • general techniques for data analysis
  • good health and safety practices for chemistry and optical laboratory environments

In addition, knowledge, skills and practical experience in the following would be advantageous:

  • leadership of research teams
  • organic semiconductors and inorganic nanocrystal semiconductors (quantum dots) and their incorporation into films and devices
  • use of Hansen solubility parameters
  • EQE, PLQE measurement and other optical characterisation techniques
  • physical and stability testing of thin films in environmental chambers and under solar illumination
  • working on emerging technology at the interface with academia
  • photovoltaics technology and applications
  • photophysics of optically active materials


Person Requirements

You will be a hands-on experimentalist, capable of careful design and implementation of experiments to ensure high-quality accurate data is obtained from which to draw solid conclusions.  At the same time, you will be able to design experimental programmes that can get to the answers rapidly, given the challenging milestones and timelines that must be met.  You will be comfortable working on cutting-edge science and technology, able to learn from academic literature and academic collaborators and able to develop your own innovative ideas and build on the ideas of others. You will be a strong team player, able to build trust with colleagues and collaborators in industry and academia, from the most junior to the most senior levels, respecting the opinions of others and able to lead discussions with collaborators and colleagues in a way that allows all to contribute. You will be open to new ideas that may come from other team members or your collaborators and will be able to take input from anywhere to help you get to the answer more quickly.


You will be a strategic thinker, able to maximise the impact of the resources at your disposal by developing new approaches and methods that save time and resource. You will have strong organisational capabilities, with the ability to prioritise, multitask and work to deadlines. You will have excellent verbal and written communication skills and you will naturally build strong collaborative relationships with academic researchers.


The Opportunity

Eight19 can provide the successful candidate with the opportunity to contribute to the development of a business with the potential for truly global impact, both commercially and environmentally.  The role holder will also have the opportunity to take on growing technical leadership responsibility as business goals are achieved.


Eight19 offers a competitive salary and benefits package.  The role is full-time with a 37.5 hour working week, a 25 day holiday allowance and is based in Cambridge UK.


Interested parties should send a CV and covering letter to