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To submit an Event please email Include the name of your Event, Date, time and cost of the event, the content you wish to be displayed (including images) and any other information you wish to be included (company name/link to website etc)

Charge: £15* (including VAT). If your event is published elsewhere on the internet (eg as a PDF or in HTML) – just enter the url in the Event Description box – this will save you time and save the reader an extra click! Publication/Timing/Positioning is at the discretion of the Connected Cambridge editor. Articles will also at our discretion be shown in our e-newsletter. They will remain in our database (visible to the internet search engines) unless you request that they be deleted.

(*) Payment is by PayPal .. if you are unable to handle this contact and we can invoice but a minimum invoice value of £50 applies and your posting will be delayed.