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Connected Cambridge is for enterprising people of all ages and from all walks of life who want to improve their chances of finding / realising their next ‘big thing’ .. job, technology concept, business plan, company, investment or whatever .. in Cambridge (UK). You will find us friendly and welcoming – there is no charge for joining or receiving our e-letters, but we do charge for attending events, advertising jobs etc and for sponsorship. With sister clusters around the world we plan global links.

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Researchers Road-Test Powerful Method For Studying Singlet Fission
Fruit Fly Model of Deadly Brain Diseases Could Lead To Blood Test For vCJD
New Approach To Treating Type 1 Diabetes Aims To Limit Damage Caused By Our Own Immune System
Diagnosis Of Cancer As a Medical Emergency Leads To Poorer Prognosis For Many Patients
Professor Oliver Hart Wins Economics Nobel Prize
Study Demonstrates How Academia And Business Can Ensure Sustainability Of Resources
Cambridge Alumni Win 2016 Nobel Prize In Physics
Cambridge Enterprise Joins Largest Early Stage Investment In A University Spin-Out
Professor Stephen Toope Nominated As Vice-Chancellor Of The University of Cambridge
Solving Cambridge Congestion
Unprecedented Study Of Aboriginal Australians Points To One Shared Out of Africa Migration For Modern Humans
Study Identifies Different Ways To Help Social Businesses Grow
Algorithm For Predicting Protein Pairings Could Help Show How Living Systems Work
‘Gut Feelings’ Help Make More Successful Financial Traders
Neurons Feel The Force – Physical Interactions Control Brain Development
A Tight Squeeze For Electrons – Quantum Effects Observed In ‘One-Dimensional’ Wires
Gaia Results Revealed – First Data Release From The Most Detailed Map Ever Made Of The Sky
“Opening The Skull” Of Patients After Head Injury Reduces Risk Of Death From Brain Swelling
Massive Holes ‘Punched’ Through A Trail Of Stars Likely Caused By Dark Matter
Oesophageal Cancer Treatments Could Be Tailor-Made For Individual Patients, Study Finds
Young People Exposed To Vaping Ads Less Likely To Think Occasional Smoking Is Bad For Health
Cambridge Ahead launches new Cluster Map growth data tool for the sub-region
Artificial Pancreas Trial In Young Children With Diabetes Receives €4.6 Millon Grant From European Commission
New Exoplanet Think Tank Will Ask The Big Questions About Extra-Terrestrial Worlds
New Model Could Help Improve Prediction Of Outbreaks Of Ebola And Lassa Fever
Why Mole Rats Are More Flexible Than We Previously Thought
Tiny Changes In Parkinson’s Protein Can Have “Dramatic” Impact On Processes That Lead To The Disease
Astronomers Identify a Young Heavyweight Star In The Milky Way
Cambridge Rises To Fourth In World University Rankings
Time Of Day Influences Our Susceptibility To Infection, Study finds
Virus Attracts Bumblebees To Infected Plants By Changing Scent
Gene Signature In Healthy Brains Pinpoints The Origins Of Alzheimer’s Disease
Field Service Engineer
Commercial Account Co-ordinator
Purchasing Assistant – 6 Months Maternity Cover
Liquid Light Switch Could Enable More Powerful Electronics
Brains Of Overweight People ‘Ten Years Older’ Than Lean Counterparts At MiddleAge
FAMIN or feast? Newly-Discovered Mechanism Influences How Immune Cells ‘Eat’ Invading Bacteria
COLOUR: The Art and Science of Illuminated Manuscripts
Financial Cycles of Acquisitions and ‘Buybacks’ Threaten Public Access to Breakthrough Drugs
Carbon Dioxide Can Be Stored Underground For Ten Times The Length Needed To Avoid Climatic Impact
Changes In Brain Structure During Teenage Years Provide Clues To Onset of Mental Health Problems
Drowning In a Paper Sea: India’s Welfare Efforts Failed By Its Peculiar Bureaucracy
Hewitsons LLP to Sponser the Centre for Business Innovation (CfBI) Summer Summit
ARM Chip Designer To Be Bought By Japan’s Softbank
Planets Similar To Jupiter Are Likely Able To Form On Orbits Shorter Than The Earth’s
Obesity Linked To Premature Death, With Greatest Effect in Men
Gravitational Vortex Provides New Way To Study Matter Close To a Black Hole
AlgoDynamix Signs Up Major Silicon Valley Customer
Kickstarter – Bilingual From Birth: An Innovative Kit for Familes