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Connected Cambridge is for enterprising people of all ages and from all walks of life who want to improve their chances of finding / realising their next ‘big thing’ .. job, technology concept, business plan, company, investment or whatever .. in Cambridge (UK). You will find us friendly and welcoming – there is no charge for joining or receiving our e-letters, but we do charge for attending events, advertising jobs etc and for sponsorship. With sister clusters around the world we plan global links.

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Plague in Humans ‘Twice as Old’ But Didn’t Begin as Flea-Borne,Ancient DNA Reveal
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Using Experts ‘Inexpertly’ Leads to Policy Failure, Warn Researchers
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Mindfulness Study to Look at Benefits in Helping Build Resilience To Stress Among University Students
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New Research Leaves Tumours With Nowhere to Hide
Love’s Labours: Study Shows Male Lizards Risk Becoming Lunch For a Bird in Order to Attract a Mate
Emissions From Melting Permafrost Could Cost $43 trillion
Microfluidics Consortium Visiting Cambridge UK With European Open Day on Sept 22nd
Access To Startup Skills Threatened By U.K. Visa Review
London Tube Strike Produced Net Economic Benefit
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New Study Shows Artificial Pancreas Works for Length of Entire School Term
Refugee Camp Entrepreneurship
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Cities At Risk
International Microfluidics Consortium visits Cambridge Sept 22

Using Stellar ‘Twins’ To Reach the Outer Limits of the Galaxy
Scientists “Squeeze” Light One Particle At a Time
One Year and 272 Billion Measurements Later, Gaia Team Celebrates First Anniversary of Observations
Bavarian Fire Brigades Choose Sepura
Access To Startup Skills Threatened By U.K. Visa Review
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Monoclonal Antibodies: the Invisible Allies That Changed the Face of Medicine