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Connected Cambridge is for enterprising people of all ages and from all walks of life who want to improve their chances of finding / realising their next ‘big thing’ .. job, technology concept, business plan, company, investment or whatever .. in Cambridge (UK). You will find us friendly and welcoming – there is no charge for joining or receiving our e-letters, but we do charge for attending events, advertising jobs etc and for sponsorship. With sister clusters around the world we plan global links.

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UK Online Alternative Finance Market Grows To £3.2 Billion In 2015
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Modelling How The Brain Makes Complex Decisions
Graphene Shown To Safely Interact With Neurons In The Brain
Changes to NHS Policy Unlikely to reduce Emergency Hospital Admissions
Making Operating Systems Safer and Faster With ‘Unikernels’
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Artificial Intelligence and Rise of the Machines: Cambridge Science Festival 2016
Fuel Cell Electrolyte Developed To Offer Cleaner, More Efficient Energy
J A Kemp Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys to open office in Cambridge