Action on student cost of living

Students in the canteen at the University of Cambridge's West Hub which offers subsidised lunch


We understand how the rising cost of living is affecting many of our students. Across the collegiate University we have a range of support available, in particular the Cambridge Bursary Scheme for undergraduates under which approximately £10m of funding can be accessed every year.

The Cambridge Bursary Scheme is available to students with residual household incomes up to £62,215. But we understand that there are further pressures impacting students and their families, so we have increased responsive funding for students who are experiencing financial hardship. Across the colleges and the University, a further £4.5m has been allocated for support in the current academic year, to benefit all students (undergraduate and postgraduate).

The University and colleges are introducing other measures, including subsidising the cost of food, such as at the University’s West Hub, and fixed price meals at a number of colleges. College rent increases have also been kept at below inflation rates, with student input into these decisions.

We also continue to monitor increases in the cost of living, and are actively considering ways to improve future support for students who are most likely to be impacted.

We will continue to work closely with the Russell Group and others to raise the issue of student support at government level.

We encourage any student who is struggling with the cost of living to speak to their college and access support.

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