Dying Light: Millions view Cambridge zombie rooftop pursuit

Dying Light: Millions view Cambridge zombie rooftop pursuit

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

The video game zombies were brought to life on the Cambridge skyline

A “zombie pursuit” across the rooftops of Cambridge has become an internet hit after a film-maker was hired to bring a computer game to life.

Film company Ampisound, which works with parkour/free-running enthusiasts and is based in the city, was asked to recreate scenes from Dying Light.

Its promo has had nearly 2.5m views on YouTube.

Scott Bass, of Ampisound, said: “In the streets, we had countless kids coming up to the guys asking for a photo.”

The Techland game features a parkour instructor who battles with zombies.

Zombie in Cambridge
The film was shot using a head-cam worn by a free-runner being pursued by zombies

Mr Bass said: “I had anticipated the film would do well, because I’ve done a few virals now.

“What’s been really cool is the response from such a wide range of places – along with the gaming and parkour scenes, film blogs and horror fanatics have been talking about it, which is really awesome.

“We only had one minor injury, which was because one of my athletes, Neil, decided eating a sandwich while walking down stairs would be a good idea.”