Guests To Return To Graduation Ceremonies

Guests to return to graduation ceremonies

Graduating students, Cambridge


The University will welcome guests back to graduation ceremonies from April 2022 for the first time in two years. Due to the  pandemic, graduation was at first run in absence only, but in-person Degree Congregations were re-introduced later in 2021, with social distancing in place and live streaming available because we wanted to offer those graduating an occasion to celebrate with their fellow students.


We are delighted to be looking forward to welcoming family and friends back to the Senate-House

Bridget Kendall

From 29 April, family and friends will be able to attend these historic occasions in person, although the live streaming service will continue.

Degree Congregations are ceremonial meetings of the University’s Governing Body, the Regent House, where degrees are conferred, either in person or in absence if the student is not present.

The Chair of the joint University and Colleges Working Group on Congregations, the Master of Peterhouse, Bridget Kendall, said:

“We are delighted to be looking forward to welcoming family and friends back to the Senate House at our Degree Congregations from the end of April. Graduations are normally a highlight across the academic year, but the last two years have made it challenging to hold them. Guests have been able to watch an adjusted form of ceremony online since June 2021 and have appreciated that opportunity. For that reason, the streaming service will continue, allowing those who can’t attend to participate in real-time and share in the tradition of the occasion.”


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