Is your Press Relations website Cambridge TV ready

Cambridge TV has every intention of promoting a very positive image of Cambridge, its universities, companies and people. You will want your company portrayed on Cambridge TV news and documentary programmes in the best possible way. In the absence of any video material, Cambridge TV will use material off of your Press Relations web area and “stock photos” of your key personnel. building, products etc. You can massively improve your image on Cambridge TV (and other video outlets) by offering a range of “Video Setting shots” in your Press Relations area. For example:- Panning shots of your head-quarters or Cambridge buildings featuring your company name or Logo Dynamic portrait videos of you key staff and staff who might be “in the news”. From a simple leaving or entering a building shot, through a working at desk , to video with the person active in their work. Product videos of packaging and product in operation A Dynamic video logo or “sting” A Logo that moves has much better impact than a static one! And finally don’t forget the rights waiver, giving Cambridge TV the rights to show the material in broadcast, recorded and on the Internet. For more does and don’ts contact Cambridge TV at