Join our free Chinese/UK Internship Programme!

Join our free Chinese/UK Internship Programme!


2015 promises to be a flagship year for the UK in China and for China in the UK, with the first ever UK-China Year of Cultural Exchange. On the bilateral trade side, there already exist great potential for further acceleration of commercial links between UK and China, and we have good reason to be even more optimistic as China continues to open up.
The IMF’s forecasts suggest China’s import market will be worth over £3tn by 2020. There will be numerous opportunities as China commits further to research & innovation, renewable energy usage & environmental protection, and light rail infrastructure. The financial services, healthcare, e-commence, logistics and telecom sector will continue to open up to foreign participation, and the ongoing shift into a consumer economy, to name just a few.

Nevertheless language and culture differences can be problematic and cause headaches for British firms doing business with Chinese companies and in China. Indeed research shows language and culture are among the biggest barriers to companies’ building their links with China, and especially true for SMEs.

Now help is available to reduce the risks and overcome the pitfalls that will make a real difference to your investment in China.

Benefits of Chinese-speaking interns

You are invited to participate in our Bilingual Intern Programme, which offers you dedicated assistance to your China endeavours, at virtually no cost to you. The programme is an integral part of the students’ master course, and so, exempt from the national minimum wage. There is no mandatory financial commitment required from the employer’s side. In addition, placement fee will be taken care of by the university, the higher education institution.

These bilingual students (Chinese as well as home & EU) are studying at Master’s level at one of Britain’s leading universities.  They can work for you at different levels. They can offer reassuring advice on the cultural pitfalls that can unseat the uninformed business person. On a different level, they will be able to contribute to developing your China market strategy or improving your operational efficiency in dealing with China.

The interns can work for your company for a period of six to twelve weeks (or longer if mutually agreed) according to your needs and requirements. We will make sure everything goes smoothly for you, from initial interview to final placement.

Track Record of Our Intern Programme

This is the seventh year we have run this programme and is going from strength to strength. Last year record numbers of positions were generated from both the private and public sectors. The profiles of employers that have signed up our programme has varied from SMEs to large multinational corporations, with industries ranging from banking to insurance, from software development to industrial design, from electronics to engineering, from medical instruments to logistics & distribution and in clean energy. Interns from last year worked in positions such as China business development, China market research, digital marketing, sales & marketing, finance and accounting, Paralegal support, and more. Past years’ internship portfolios reveal a remarkable breadth of experience and the feedback from the companies that have participated clearly demonstrates the benefits such internships can bring both to employers and students.

But don’t just take our word for it – here are some of the comments from previous employers of interns under this programme as to the value and benefit from offering a work placement. “The intern we took on was absolutely outstanding and “exceeded all our expectation “. “The intern proved to be an asset to the company “as outlined by another company. One company describe their intern as “punctual, hardworking and inquisitive, showing considerable diligence and interest in the company’s business development into China”. Finally, one employer nicely summed it up by just saying, the intern was “an excellent addition to our team“.

Act now to secure one of these top interns!

The interns will be available to start from the middle of June 2015. However the number of students is limited. So if you are interested, act now by contacting us on 01223 421966, or emailing